Cad Drawing Conversion:

  • Drawing conversion into digital format, why do it?

    Cadd Services of Chicago can convert any of your paper drawing or other document into an electronic CADD drawing file.



    Converting of existing paper drawings into electronic format is a convenient way to organize your technical library which in return will allow easy filing and search for any document you want to reference or reuse in the future.  Storing and maintenance of such library is much easier and possible to conduct at a fraction of the cost of storing flat files with paper drawings.



    All drawings can be printed out in high quality, never deteriorating output anytime they are needed.  Paper drawings have a tendency to break down and need to be maintained continuously.


Our firm can provide you with a paper to CADD conversion service starting from the simple scan of your document in any of the following formats: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, HAND SKETCHES, creating hybrid drawing files for reference/record keeping, or fully converting them into multi-layered, dimensionally accurate AutoCAD format.



Converting your documents to CADD format helps in maintaining your Product Data in high, original quality and makes sense to keep it around for a long period of time to either reuse in other projects, for reproduction purposes, or even just for a reference.



Our prices are dependent on type and size of a job. They are based on hourly charges.  Please contact our representative for a quote based on your specific requirements.