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Cadd Services of Chicago is located in the vicinity of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and provides support in the area of business graphics and production of technical drawings using desktop publishing or computer aided design and drafting softwares (AutoCAD and MicroStation).  Unlike other CADD Service bureaus claiming to be in the City, they even incorporate Chicago in their web addresses, we are local and so are all of our employees.


CSC team can handle any of your requirements that may be related to architectural drawings, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering or MEP designs or detailing services.


We offer for your consideration a drafting service, that can be used as a backup plan in case of tight deadlines and production bottlenecks, or as a fill-in for personnel on a sick leave or on vacation break.


Our AutoCAD and MicroStation experience technicians work with your designers and engineers to convert their ideas and concepts for new products and designs into accurate marketing, production or construction drawings.

We provide high quality and cost effective services:


AutoCAD Drafting, MicroStation Drafting,  2D and 3D Drafting, CAD Design, 3D Modeling,  Water, Oil and Natural Gas Drawings, Hybrid AutoCAD Drawings, Structural Drawings, MEP BIM services, Scanning Services in black and white, and in full color.



Current promotion:

Have your drawing (paper copy) converted into a digital format for as little as $35.00 per sheet.