We produce high quality drawings that comply with the drafting standards set by your company, or your company’s client.


We offer support in production of technical drawings using computer equipment and licensed drafting/design software (AutoCAD and MicroStation) in following disciplines: mechanical, architectural, structural, electrical, maps and more.  All drawing files are made to client’s CADD standards if available, otherwise ours are used.  The standards may consist, but may be not limited to, layering conventions, scale preferences, general and discipline specific symbology, etc.


We can create drawings of various machine parts, assemblies and layouts of equipment or piping, all at our office or at the client’s  location if requested.


Our prices are based on hourly charges for a specific work level, see pricing tiers with explanation below:


Drafting – Tier 1

Edit of existing drawings performed based on the markups supplied by the client.  This service is popular for clients with looming deadlines when all drafting work is limited to corrections and changes in drawings already made and access to own staff is limited.  No further input from engineer is required besides the markup.


Drafting – Tier 2

Production of new drawings per client specification based on information supplied to our CADD technician.  It can be in form of CADD drawings, images, scans, sketches, etc.


Drafting – Tier 3

Advanced drafting for multidisciplinary project, when drafting work is performed based on input from engineers and vendors in form of drawing files, sketches, markups, catalog sheets, etc.  All work is performed by high level technicians, experienced in large design/construction projects and  in cooperation with other disciplines’ technicians.